Wednesday Night Life

On Wednesday, September 5, a new Wednesday night format will begin.  This fall will be divided up into two sessions, Fall 1 and Fall 2.  Fall 1 will be 8 weeks and offer 8 different adult classes.  Fall 2 will be 6 weeks and offer 6 different adult classes. 

Preschool, children, and youth will meet as normal and have their own Bible studies. 

All Bible Studies are from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

Fall 1 Class Options (Sept. 5 – Oct. 24)

Please see the class offerings below.  Register for a class by clicking on the corresponding button.  If you have any questions, please call the church office at 817-246-6646.

Title: Sacred Marriage
Description: What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?  Join us as we seek answers to this question (and more!) and take a journey through navigating marriage from a biblical perspective.
Teachers: Justin and Becky Rhymes
Location: FC-206
Maximum class size: 10 couples
Cost: Free unless you want to purchase a copy of the book, Sacred Marriage

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Title: Essentials
Description: This class will cover foundational topics for Christians in today’s world and explore what the Bible says about Heaven, prayer, and the church.
Teacher: Ken Collins
Location: Sanctuary
Maximum class size: No limit
Cost: Free

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Title: The Priority of Money
Description: Money is a finite resource, becoming a good steward of God’s
provision is a top priority.  Understanding the why and how is the focus of the class.  A broad swath of authors will be covered.
Teacher: Louie Heaton
Location: FC-204
Maximum Class Size: 20 people
Cost: $11 for the book, Master of Your Money

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Title: God of Creation – A Study of Genesis 1-11 (women only)
Description: 7 days of creation, the Garden of Eden, original sin, leaving Eden, the 1st murder, the flood, a rainbow, and the tower of Babel are are familiar Bible stories.  These felt-board stories require a closer look with grown-up eyes to see that the Beginning is where the redemptive story of Christ begins.  This video and discussion study goes verse by verse through the Genesis narrative.
Teacher: Joy Carter
Location: CY-211
Maximum class size: No limit
Cost: Optional workbook available for $13

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Title: Discovering the Mission of God
Description: This class will explore the Mission of God through answering questions such as:  What is missions?, How do I tell my story?, How do I share the Gospel?, How can I live my life on mission?, How and why should I go to the ends of the earth?, and What about the danger of missions?
Teachers: Matt and Amanda Waldraff
Location: FC-203
Maximum Class Size:
 No limit
Cost: Free

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Title: Depression & Anxiety
Description: No one is exempt to dealing with depression or anxiety.  If you, or someone you know, deals with depression or anxiety the aim of this class is to equip you to walk through life while in the midst of your struggle, or help you understand how to help those you know who are struggling.
Teacher: Jess Wood
Location: A-109
Maximum Class Size:
 15 people
Cost: Free

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Title: Getting to the Heart of Parenting
Description: Do you desire to see true and lasting change in your children?  Does your home look more like a battlefield than a place of peace?  Join us as we learn how to be an instrument of heart changing grace in the little moments of life that God gives us with our children, whether they are toddlers or teens.  Each week we will watch a short video, engage in discussion, and walk away with a personal application to begin implementing into our homes.
Teachers: Ean and Raven Miller
Location: FC-201
Maximum Class Size:
 20 people
Cost: Free

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Title: Romans (men only)
Description: This class will be doing a study through the book of Romans.  This is an opportunity for men to come together weekly for fellowship and to study God’s Word together.
Teachers: Lonnie Ethridge
Location: A-108
Maximum Class Size:
 No limit
Cost: Free

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Making Bible Heros Real
Description: Jesus teaches us how his friends in the Old Testament were “Real Heros”.

Let There Be Light
This will be an interactive series using science and scripture, showing how both point to God being the creator of all things.

Feed the Dog
Food is vital.  We all have two natures battling for our attention on a daily basis – flesh and spirit.  This study will teach how to feed the spirit through spiritual disciplines.


Fall 2 Class Options (Nov. 7 – Dec. 19)

More class details and registration coming soon!

Adult Classes
It Starts at Home: Learning to Confidently Teach Your Kids About God
Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church
The Gift of the Blessing
Romans (men only)
Job – A Story of Unlikely Joy (women only)
The Life: Living the Spiritual Disciplines

Jesus Speaks

Lighting Up the Christmas Season

Jesus Among Secular Gods