The Closer Strategy: Drawing People Closer to God

We are a church moving closer to God. The author of Hebrews writes, “… since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith.” (Hebrews 10:21-22) Every part of who we are as a church seeks to draw people closer to God. Whether you are a believer who has been captured by God’s grace and love for several decades, a seeker who has never stepped foot in the doors of a church building, or a person on foreign soil never given the chance to learn about Jesus, we believe in giving every person on earth the opportunity in drawing closer to the Creator. As a result, “drawing people closer to God” is the mission of our church.

Some may suggest this to be a challenging task and ask, “How can you draw closer to a God who is so transcendent and mysterious?” Our church leadership asked that question to each other. And as a result, we shared the things that personally drew us closer to God. We believe these 4CORE values are the key to having a close, intimate relationship with Jesus.


Repenting of wrongdoings.

Inherently, we are separated from God because of sin. Until we become honest with our sin and turn from it, we cannot draw near to God.  As a result, at Grace we design ways and provide opportunities for people to be mindful about sin and draw near to God through repentance.  Until we repent from the sin that breaks God’s heart and our fellowship with Him, we cannot know God intimately.

Here are some of our strategies for encouraging honest repentance:

  • Response time during teachings at our Prayer Tables
  • Personal and family counseling
  • Special reflective corporate gatherings
  • Lord’s Supper


Responding to God’s direction with obedience.

Once repentance has occurred (and continues to occur), God directs us as He desires. He fills us with the knowledge of His Word; He speaks to our hearts by His Spirit; and He calls us to apply what He says in obedience. If our active response to God’s voice isn’t present, we cannot draw near to Him. Yet, when we respond to God’s calling accordingly, closeness to God occurs. As a result, we provide opportunities for people to hear from God and respond in obedience.

Here are some of our strategies for preparing people to respond to God in obedience:

  • Relevantly teach the Bible
  • Provide Bible studies for all seasons of life
  • Plan passionate, heart-changing music
  • Organize retreats, camps & special events
  • Encourage the use of personal Bible study plans


Rallying together in authentic, godly relationships

God created us with a longing for relationships–not just with Him, but with others. Rallying together in authentic, godly relationships is an important part of drawing closer to God. When relationships are strong, they point us to Jesus instead of pulling us away from Him. As a result, we aim to provide opportunities for all people to join together in such relationships.

Here are some of our strategies for rallying people together in authentic, godly groups:


Reaching out to those far from God.

A church loses its identity as Christ-followers if it refuses to reach out to those far from God. Jesus’ heart bled for the broken and misdirected. At one time, every believer was far from God, and as a compelling response, every believer must reach out to those who are still far from God. As a result, Grace seeks to provide opportunities to draw the unreached closer to Him. This includes neighbors, strangers, and family members, but also people groups not on American soil.

Here are some of our strategies for reaching out to those far from God:

  • Missions (Applying our L.I.F.E. on Mission strategy)
  • Support Church Planting
  • Special community outreach events

If these FOUR shared convictions are adopted into the heart of every person attending Grace, we’re convinced we will be a group of people knowing God more intimately! We will mysteriously and joyously draw closer to our Creator. We encourage you to join us on this journey of drawing people closer to God and each other!