L.I.F.E. on Mission Strategy

As we seek to draw people closer to God, reaching out to those far from God is one of the 4CORE values of our church. Our model for reaching out is derived from Acts 1:8, which is to take the gospel of Jesus into three regions of our world…our Jerusalem, Judea/Samaria, and to the furthest reaching areas of the world. With this as our guide, we encourage our people to have a “L.I.F.E. on Mission” at Grace.

Local (Our Jerusalem) – This is where we intentionally make an effort to reach people in the greater Fort Worth area by developing a plan for engaging church members in local missions. By examining community needs and Grace’s resources, we provide opportunities to make a difference for Christ locally, which will include on campus outreaches and partnering with other local organizations.

Intermediate (Our Judea/Samaria) – This is where we intentionally provide opportunities to take shorter-distanced mission trips to unreached or needy areas of our state or country . Many of these trips and opportunities will consist of weekend projects, reducing on the cost and time needed to participate.  Supporting and assisting new church starts is a target of this strategy.

Foreign (Our Ends of the Earth) – This is where we intentionally plan one or more foreign trips per year to spread the gospel and encourage local churches in those foreign regions.  As the Spirit leads, we partner with our supported missionaries and/or develop new mission partners.

Encourage Missionaries – This is where we extend the love of Christ to the ones carrying the gospel to unreached people. As the Spirit leads, we maintain established partnerships with our supported missionaries and commit to new partnerships. Our partnerships will consist of prayer, financial, and spiritual support.

As a way to fulfill our strategy of doing “L.I.F.E. on mission,” we aim to provide at least one opportunity annually in each of the first three categories. We’ll also instruct ways in which you can spiritually and financially support those who are going on these trips. Those who may not be able to go on a trip can pray for participants and contribute to our Summer Missions Offering.  For more information about L.I.F.E. on Mission at Grace, email Justin Rhymes.

Missions Council

A group of  8–10 members of the Grace family provide missions leadership and ministry.   This council represents the church family in making missions decisions and will seek to lead the church in executing our “L.I.F.E. on Mission” strategy.

International Prayer Center

Prayer is a vital link between the missionary family and its partners.  Grace has prepared a prayer center in room A-100 in the sanctuary building as a place of intercession for missions needs and other critical needs of the church.  This room is open and available to all anytime during church services and activities.

Missions Residence

Grace has provided a four bedroom residence for visiting and furloughing missionary families while in our area.  The home is maintained through our missions giving and continues to serve many families in missionary service!

Missionary Partners and Projects

  • 39 missionary families and/or individuals supported monthly!
  • 7 missions projects and organizations supported!
  • 23 countries presently represented!
  • $10,000 in average monthly missions giving in 2017!