Biblical Counseling


At some point, we all get stuck in life; and receiving biblical guidance can help pull us out and draw us closer to God. As a result, Grace has an on-campus Biblical counseling ministry. Our counselors are trained in exploring and applying the Bible for healing. Any struggle you might be facing is welcomed by our counselors. Counseling services are free of charge; however, donations can be accepted each personal visit to go toward the support of the counseling ministry. We are solely a Biblical counseling ministry, not regulated by LPC licensing. We trust in the Holy Spirit’s divine guidance by providing Biblical answers to tough questions.

If you’d like to set up an appointment with one of our counselors for overcoming a specific challenge in your life, you can send an email to or call 817-246-6646. All emails sent and calls received are confidential.

A unique feature to our Biblical counseling ministry is the use of Targeted Bible Studies. Our counselors lead discipleship courses in particular areas where struggles or strongholds exist in people’s lives. These classes will guide people to biblical solutions. This is not group therapy; it’s a discipleship class. Many struggles will be resolved in the class setting by means of the Holy Spirit using God’s Word to heal, but others will need additional assistance with the counselor. As a result, if a class member needs more attention, the counselor will be available to set up one on one, couple or family counseling sessions outside the class. The decision is yours if you desire more help.  Come back to this page regularly to receive information on other classes offered.  For more information about targeted Bible Studies, email us at .

We hope you take advantage of this great service provided by Grace and continue to draw closer to God!